Become a Student Ambassador at SLIIT INTERNATIONAL

We are pleased to introduce SLIIT INTERNATIONAL Student Ambassador Program that provides you with the opportunity to represent Curtin University and promote Curtin programs in Colombo through various marketing and promotional activities.

This volunteer position involves promoting the university from a current student’s perspective, and the students will benefit by developing their interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills in addition to receiving rewards and recognition from the university.

Who can become a Student Ambassador?

You can become a Student Ambassador if you’re a current student of SLIIT INTERNATIONAL Campus and have completed at least one semester of full-time study. The qualities we look for in a Student Ambassador include:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiasm, initiative, and drive
  • Friendliness, and approachability
  • Punctuality, timeliness, and reliability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to develop innovative promotional materials and activities
  • Ability to create content for social media and experience in social media management

Role of a Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors participate in various activities throughout the one-year engagement. Below are some tasks you may assist with:

  • Provide prospective students and their parents with an insight into university life and study opportunities based on your own experience
  • Communicate with prospective students to motivate and inspire them to commence, continue, and complete their studies successfully
  • Participate in open days (virtual/physical), campus tours and interactive workshops, and on campus and off-campus events as requested by the student ambassador program coordinator
  • Help organize inter-school competitions and events
  • Share your university experience on your personal social media accounts
  • Join in promotional photo shoots or video projects
  • Write testimonials for our publications/campaigns and provide content for our social media accounts to give an insight into your study experience
  • Assist in collecting feedback from prospective and current students through focus groups, surveys, and individual interviews
  • Provide feedback on marketing campaigns

What are the benefits for you?

You will be able to:

  • Further develop your interpersonal, communication and leadership skills
  • Work in a team with your peers and other SLIIT INTERNATIONAL Student Ambassadors
  • Improve your employability and add the volunteer position to your resume
  • Be eligible to receive “Curtin Extra” certificate at your graduation
  • Performance based rewards & recognitions

What is your commitment?

  • Students must be able to commit to the program for 12 months and complete at least 35 working hours to be eligible for Curtin Extra certificate.
  • Attend any required training sessions and meetings.

How to apply to become a Student Ambassador at SLIIT INTERNATIONAL?

You may submit your application incorporating details of your academic performance (including semester GPA), extra-curricular activities and achievements on or before Aug 14th 2022.