There’s nothing like a challenge to finish off a semester. The fruit of hard work is best savored together.
The Curtin 2nd year Mechatronics students at SLIIT INTERNATIONAL had the chance to showcase their talents and creations at the end-of-semester Robotics challenge.
The competition was held on the 20th of June at the SLIIT INTERNATIONAL Campus at Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 2. The competition included a track which was an intricate maze with victims who needed to be searched and rescued by each robot. Each victim had to be identified using a tag. The robots were teleoperated using a remote control, but the operators of each of the robots could only navigate by watching a camera feed that was transmitted directly from the robot. The team that rescued the highest number of victims within a 5-minute time was declared the winner of the competition. Awards were also given out for the best robot design.