As a time of giving and celebrating joy, Christmas is unparalleled to any other time of the year. In a season of gathering and celebrating the festivities, the current pandemic has restricted and altered our ways of life. However, we can still find joy in the little things of life, and still spread the spirit of Christmas, which was exactly what the Carols Night at SLIIT INTERNATIONAL proved to do.

With the aim of spreading the joy of Christmas to everyone during these tough times, the SLIIT INTERNATIONAL Student Guild organized ‘Class a Alba – A White Christmas’, an on-campus Christmas carols and celebration.

As the first on-campus event, the students went to great lengths to make A White Christmas a night to remember. Bringing the Christmas spirit on campus with immense preparations, while sharing it with their batchmates from afar through live streaming, they made sure to spread the warmth of the Christmas season to everyone. It proved to be a magical and joyful night to everyone involved, filled with laughter, singing, and dancing, bringing the true spirit of Christmas to the hard times we are facing and giving an opportunity for the students to enjoy and socialize through an on-campus event after 2 years of online and remote study methods.

Organized by the Student Guild of SLIIT INTERNATIONAL, the event was done under the leadership of Januda Seneviratne, President of SISG, who had a few thoughts on the evening.

The main motive of organising a physical event was to enliven the new normal students have adapted to, due to the pandemic. For almost two years, we missed live physical events due to the transformation to online activities. As an initiative to make a change and improve student engagement, SLIIT International Student Guild, in collaboration with the SLIIT International Events Team, presented “Class a Alba” – A White Christmas to celebrate the season’s joy and happiness”.

In the true spirit of spreading love and joy during Christmas, whilst keeping in line with safety precautions, the first on campus event of SLIIT INTERNATIONAL was a significant success, giving a glimpse of the many talents of the students and hinting at the prospect of more successful events to follow.