Would you like to consider studying for a Curtin University Degree in Business, Computing or Engineering at SLIIT INTERNATIONAL? Then, here is the chance for you to prepare yourself for international education by following our unique university preparatory program (Uni-Prep) – ‘Skills for Success in Higher Education’.

Not surprisingly, there is a gap between school and university, and school leavers may not possess all the skills required to pursue higher education satisfactorily, especially a degree program of international standard. The Uni-Prep program offered at SLIIT International is designed to develop the skills you need to pursue a degree program successfully. Further, the training will help you adapt to unique undergraduate learning styles and ensure a smooth transition from school education to university education.

Our Uni-Prep program offers several teaching/learning units and imparts a wide spectrum of skills and competencies. You will acquire technical skills that are specific to the subjects you study and soft skills that are transferable across disciplines. Moreover, you will broaden your outlook, enhance your self-confidence, and develop a sense of professionalism.

The program comprises seven teaching/learning units, namely, Learning/Study Skills, Essential Mathematics, English for Academic Purposes, Computational Thinking and Soft skills, Computing skills, Graphic Communication, and Appreciation of Music.

Leaning/Study Skills will teach you how to learn and prepare for examinations. Don’t be surprised – like learning to swim or drive, we can learn to learn. Acquiring study skills is a must and will help you deepen your learning, enhance your understanding of the subject matter, and increase your knowledge retention.

In Essential Mathematics, you will learn basic math to facilitate your learning in the degree programs. Unlike in the school, you will discover that learning math through games and group activities can be so much fun.

English for Academic Purposes will help improve your English language skills appropriate for higher education. English is such a dynamic and universal language; it has unique styles and applications in different domains.

Computational Thinking and Soft Skills will improve your logical and analytical thinking and help you acquire a host of soft skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, negotiation skills, and problem-solving skills. Unlike technical skills, soft skills are transferable across disciplines and jobs.

You will also learn Computing Skills that are mandatory not only in higher education but also in all aspects of life. Information and Communication Technology is so pervasive today, can anyone survive without a reasonable level of IT literacy?

Graphic Communication will teach you to enhance your communication skills with the use of designs and diagrams. Surely, communication is not limited to words.

Interestingly, Appreciation of Music will take you to the entirely different realm of performing arts. This unit, while enriching your life for the long term, will help broaden your horizons, enhance your creativity and lead to a growth of sensibility.

No doubt, higher education is a serious undertaking. However, higher education need not be boring or stressful. In fact, learning can be fun. Join our Uni-Prep program, ‘Skills for Success in Higher Education’, and prepare yourself to pursue higher education with confidence. Make your journey through higher education a pleasant experience.

Registrations are now open for the University Preparation Program starting in January 2022; the Uni-Prep program will to the lead to the commencement of Curtin University degree programs in Business, Computing and Engineering at SLIIT INTERNATIONAL in February 2022. For more information, students may contact SLIIT INTERNATIONAL student recruitment team through curtin@sliit.lk or by phone 076 555 8989.