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Your study will begin with the Engineering Foundation Year (EFY). You will learn the fundamental concepts and develop the required skills common to all areas of engineering – giving you the opportunity to explore our range of engineering majors before choosing the major you will study from your second year.


4 Years  |  Full-time |  On-Campus

4 Years  |  Full-time |  On-Campus

4 Years  |  Full-time |  On-Campus

4 Years  |  Full-time |  On-Campus



Developed in partnership with industry, our award-winning EFY program and its purpose-built first-year studios encourage learning by doing.

The EFY’s cross-disciplinary curriculum was developed as a base for all Curtin engineering disciplines, to ensure you graduate with a solid theoretical grounding, strong practical experience and cultural awareness.

The program and its support services will help you progress smoothly into your area of specialisation and graduate as a sought-after and career-ready engineer.

The EFY includes:

  • full-class lectures
  • small group tutorials
  • hands-on laboratory work
  • team-based design and simulation projects
  • web-based learning resources, bulletin boards, online tutorials and quizzes
  • portfolio development, with an emphasis on reflection and self-evaluation
  • participation by industry representatives, exposing students to professional practice.

First-year studio

The first-year studio and project rooms reflect the modern working environment, enabling you to familiarise yourself with the layout of a professional career setting.

The studio is also a hub to develop social and academic networks. It comprises:

  • an open-plan office
  • computing, electrical and mechanics laboratories
  • one-on-one learning assistance Engineering Tutor Access Points (ETAPs)
  • project meeting rooms.

Years 2–4

In years 2 and 3 of your engineering degree you will study units relevant to your chosen major.

In year 4 you will undertake an honours-level, independent research project. Structured across two units of study, the project will give you an in-depth understanding on your thesis topic. It will demonstrate to potential employers your skills in planning and undertaking a complex body of work within deadlines.

To graduate from this course you must have completed 480 hours of exposure to professional engineering practice and completed senior first-aid training.

Professional practice can comprise a combination of real-world experiences. Examples include paid and voluntary work placements, university-based experience in industrial projects, attending extra-curricular technical lectures and workshops, and industry site visits in Australia and/or overseas.

Please refer to the handbook for more course information.

The Bachelor of Engineering begins with the national award-winning Engineering Foundation Year (EFY). The EFY builds a solid base of the fundamental concepts common to all areas of engineering. This enables you to explore your options before selecting your engineering major at the end of your first year.

The EFY was developed in partnership with industry to create a curriculum that reflects engineering practice. The program won a national award in the category of Programs that Enhance Learning for ‘The First Year Experience’.

Curtin University is dedicated to the enhancement of teaching and research and to the pursuit of excellence and innovative applications of engineering technology as a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge, understanding and community relevance.

Graduates fulfil the stage one competencies required by Engineers Australia for a professional engineer.

At Curtin, we understand that everyone’s study journey has been different.

You may have already studied some of the units (subjects) listed in your Curtin course at another educational institution, or you may have work experience that matches the degree requirements.

A successful CRL application exempts you from having to complete certain units within your course and means you could finish your degree in a shorter amount of time.

CRL is also known as recognition of prior learning, advanced standing and credit transfer. Use the CRL search to find out how much CRL you qualify for, or contact us at: SLIIT address

In addition to the course-specific admission criteria listed above, please read our general admission criteria. Our general admission criteria apply to all courses at Curtin University.

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